Choosing A Gaming Motherboard

A lot of motherboards are produced to meet the demands of intensive gaming applications. Although all gaming motherboards have different features and highlighted functions, these motherboards still have something in common. These similarities are the key to why best gaming motherboards can perform well with gaming applications. These features must be checked also when looking for the desired motherboards.

To see the similarities, here are the features most gaming motherboards have in common:

High Memory RAM Modules

RAM is always critical for gaming PCs. High RAM capacity is required in order to sustain superb gaming experience, otherwise the gaming application will not perform well. A minimum of 1 GB RAM capacity is usually needed, so always look for more than 1 GB RAM capacity when considering a motherboard for gaming purposes. Also, a minimum of 4 RAM slots should be present so the motherboard can effectively sustain high RAM requirements. For more information go to Gamers Want to learn more.

SATA or SATA 2 Hard Drive Interface

Either SATA or SATA 2 hard drive interfaces are commonly used to support fast gaming applications. SATA is a marked improvement from the previous IDE interface as it can support up to 150 MBps transfer speed. On the other hand, SATA 2 is an upgraded version of SATA where higher rate at 300 MBps is supported. With these two advisable hard drive interfaces, intensive gaming applications can be satisfactorily supported.

PCI Express Slot

The latest motherboards have PCI express slots and these slots are definite improvements from the previously used AGP slots. Some gaming motherboards even support SLI or Crossfire technology where the connection of two graphic cards is allowable. If your interested Gamers Want goes into this in better detail. Although dual graphic card is not necessary, it is important to achieve the best graphic output possible from the computer game played. 

CPU Socket – Socket AM2 and Socket 775

With lots of CPU sockets available, it is quite hard to determine the advisable one for gaming purposes. But most experts agree that gaming motherboards should have at least Socket AM2 for AMD CPUs or Socket 775 for Intel CPUs. Through these sockets, the CPU can work well by supporting speed and functional reliability. Also, it should be capable of supporting dual core processors for optimum speed capability.

Additional Peripherals

There are more peripherals typically included in these motherboards like 1-2 Firewire, display ports, built-in LAN connector, 5+ USB ports and many more. These additional peripherals usually serve as accessories or helpful add-ons in improving gaming performance. However, each gaming motherboard has different additional peripherals included, as it greatly varies among different manufacturers.

Optimum Overclocking Capabilities

Overclocking is important for best gaming performance performance a motherboard can give, so most of these motherboards are designed to meet the edge of overclocking technology. For this reason, gaming motherboards usually allow manipulation of the BIOS system. In this practice, adjusting system bus and changing the CPU’s current voltage is done for faster operating frequency, therefore allowing overclocking is somehow critical for the gaming motherboard used. If you are interested in overclocking motherboards Gamers Want has a great review on motherboards.

When checking gaming motherboards, just look for these features to determine if the motherboard can really perform well in gaming applications. Many other features can be checked by looking on specifically branded motherboards for more detailed assessment. 

What To Look For When Choosing A Good Gaming Headset

Choosing A Good Gaming Headset

Using headsets is very beneficial for those who enjoy gaming. It increases productivity and also helps create a better gaming experience. When using a headset, players will be able to move around freely and also focus all of their attention on the game. They will be able to speak into the microphone on the headset. This will provide clear audio to fellow gamers. A player’s voice volume will never fade. Having a headset will also allow a player to focus more on the game itself rather than constantly glancing over to a separate microphone to talk into. It can be even more frustrating for those who don’t have a microphone. The constant need to type orders or what a player wants to get across will take away from a gaming experience.

Modern computer games are much more sophisticated in terms of graphics and sound than old-days games. In many occasions, hearing what is happening on the screen is equally, if not more important than seeing. Being able to hear it all with crisp clear quality is only possible if you are using a high-end gaming headset.

Professional gamers and casual gamers alike can come up with a long list of reasons why a gaming headset is much better than any standard headset or regular computer speakers. Here are some of the most important characteristics when Choosing gaming headset.

Sound quality

Obviously, the main reason why anyone would want to switch from using a regular headset to a special set is because of sound quality. These headsets are designed in a way that they not only reduce unwanted background noise but deliver crystal clear audio. Most of these headsets utilize Dolby Surround technology putting you right in the middle of the gaming action.

USB connection

A headset’s audio quality largely depends on the way it is connected to the computer. Regular speakers and headsets are typically connected to the audio jacks of the computer’s soundcard and this is one of the main reasons for poor quality of the signal and thus for poor sound quality. It can be plugged into the USB port of your computer or gaming keyboard, practically eliminating the use of the computer’s sound card. Make sure everything works well with your existing motherboard as well. 


Similar to other peripheral devices specifically designed for gaming, it would have customizable options. Some headsets have several special buttons allowing players to assign different sound profiles, mute the microphone and control volume levels with a single touch of a button.


Long hours of gaming can be tiring. Unlike standard headsets, gaming headsets are designed to meet higher ergonomic standards and are able to provide players with ultimate comfort.

Finding a great headset can be costly. One that has the best sound quality, microphone volume and comfort can run from fifty dollars and up. Those who are serious gamers and want to improve their gaming experience will probably need to purchase one of the more expensive ones while casual gamers may be able to buy a headset that is lower in price.

Headphones help to provide a better gaming experience. They’ll allow you to hear all the small nuances the developers placed into the game. They help to immerse you into the environment. Explosions will boom, the ambiance will be set by the soundtrack, small sounds like shells hitting the floor will allow you to enter the game world.